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Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair held in Frankfurt, Germany in 2004 welcomed the Arab League as Guest of Honor.

The Arab League showcased the cultural and literary talents of the Arab World with the representation of artists from 17 of the 22 member states. This opportunity exposed the Western World to works otherwise lesser-known outside of the Middle East.

The Frankfurt Book Fair provided a 5-day forum for sharing the rich cultural history of the Middle East; separate from politics and economics. Exhibits ranged from a children’s books display to that of  “The Two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina” presented by Saudi Arabia.

Literary works from across the region were celebrated and performances by Lebanese dance troupe Caracalla also entertained guests.

“I did not want to present my country as a country of oil, but as a country of poetry,” said Saudi novelist Ahmed Abodehman. “I am convinced that the soil of our country consists of poetry.”

While the focus remained fixed on tradition and folkloric arts, there was plenty of space for current affairs. In addition to the exhibits and performances, the fair also hosted philosophical discussions related to social and intellectual thought in the Arab world and the issue of modernity.



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