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U.S.-Arab Relations

The Arab Spring and possibilities for future U.S-Arab Relations

Current changes in the Middle East present uncertainty for American relationships. However, this transition presents the opportunity for Americans, and particularly Arab Americans, to help reshape the relationship between the United States and the Arab World. The ability to build long term alliances based on common values of sovereignty, political participation, and economic opportunities begins with  participation in the U.S. To begin with, working to increase Arab American participation in politics and curbing anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments carries more than just a domestic significance.

Arab Americans can provide valuable insight, expertise, and personal experience to help evolve our policies toward to the Middle East. Equally important, Arab Americans provide direct links to people in the Arab world, and are often a valuable resource to connect with overseas communities for a variety of purposes. Without that connection, the shared interests and values of the United States and the Arab world may not receive the attention and support they require.

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